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Wisdom Restores Well Being

Wisdom is crying out to all who would listen to seek her out. Wisdom is the principal thing. In Proverbs 3 we stumble upon a treasure trove of instructions that, if followed, brings get rewards. We are exploring these treasures!

The Necessary Tension in the Ascension into Our Destiny

This episode looks at why you are already successful as your reality screams otherwise. We glean the scriptures for nuggets on how we are to define success as a Kingdom Entrepreneur.

The Amazing Benefits of Wisdom

Wisdom is by far the most underrated treasure found in the Word of God. After finding the Treasure of God Himself in Three Persons, the very next thing we are to search out is Wisdom. We search out this treasure because Wisdom gives us the lens to understand our God and His ways. This principal thing called Wisdom is the key to unlocking all the treasures God has for us and the key to begin to grasp His Unsearchable Riches.

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